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This is what others have to say about Julia's dynamic networking programs:This is what others have to say about Julia's dynamic networking programs:

Julia Hubbel

"Julia Hubbel was on fire! Her presentation on networking was right on the money, and her enthusiasm poured out into the audience. Her style is so alive and her energy is contagious. I loved it, and would recommend her to anyone."

- Michele Phillips
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"The networking training facilitated by Julia Hubbel …was outstanding. I've never felt I was as effective at networking as I'd like to be and it's been a struggle for me, particularly in a crowd of strangers. I feel confident now that I can leave a room more enriched personally and professionally than when I walked in."

- Jeffrey W. Arnold
Association Services Management Co.


"It was my very first time to attend CSAE and so I attended the pre-program on how to network. The principles in Julia's program were based in authenticity. Any fool can smell the difference between a person genuinely interested in you and your business vs. someone so anxious to see if you can give them what they want and shove a business card in your hand and move on to the next prospect.

"Those of us who attended the pre-program made a connection, as a group even, in a very short time. The tools she gave us showed us how to open up a give-and-take reciprocity in the business world of networking. And by applying the principles, it worked.

"It was as clear as night and day upon going to the program to see who had been to her pre- program on networking and used these skills that are based in authenticity and business graciousness vs. those who had not. It was so obviously blatant, that it was amusing to sit back and watch.

"Many of us used the skills from her short but power-packed and enlightening program on networking at our own larger tables at lunch. It changed the entire tone of getting to know each other to see if we could help each other out.

"I'm a speaker and practitioner in the holistic field and the same principles
of authenticity and generosity of spirit will attract more success and business to you than you could have planned. It is just part of human
nature to respond to something real. To be genuinely interested, as well
as interesting, can go a long way to increase your reservoir of contacts.
The old ways of 'dog -eat- dog' are making corporate America crumble. And it is being replaced by a more genuine and conscious way of interacting with each other. And it really, genuinely works. Julia offered tools and techniques that set up networking to be win-win every single time. I thought her program was top notch."

- Kathi McKnight


"Julia's networking session was not only beneficial but also exciting for the participants who attended. Throughout the entire session, Julia led the group through exercises that encouraged us to feel comfortable to network with others without feeling pressure or stress.

Her techniques can apply to any setting. The key concept: Leave your business cards at home and use your social compatibility and have fun!"

- Kathy K. Smith, President
Emerald Solutions, LLC


"It was great! We did not just "meet" some new people, but we learned how to really start developing personal relationships with them! It is much more fun finding out who people are, not just what they do."


- Rick Bowman
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