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Supplier DiversitySupplier Diversity

Supplier Diversity is all about providing opportunities to minority, women and veteran-owned suppliers, and the small businesses that make up the United States landscape. It is all about creating opportunities for suppliers who bring ideas, creativity and great products and services to corporate America.

The Hubbel Group specializes in helping these companies present their best business case to the Fortune 500 and government entities. We also help Tier One companies understand the value of doing business with minority, women-owned and veteran-owned firms, and through our partnerships we help these corporations develop their supplier diversity programs including Tier One and Tier Two.

Our highly praised programs bring out the best in the suppliers we train, and help them get to the next step the procurement process by helping them focus on their top product or service. We work with both the corporate and Council communities throughout NMSDC and WBENC. We understand the unique challenges faced by suppliers because our principal is a WBE herself, selling successfully to the Fortune 100 every day.

Julia Hubbel is also a Certified Supplier Diversity Professional, which means that she fully understands the corporate needs and requirements of suppliers. She can provide the insider’s viewpoint of how to be successful at a trade show or matchmaker.

Our programs, seminars and keynotes are fast-paced, content rich and highly interactive. Julia is a popular motivational speaker so her programs are engaging and fun, and packaged with a punch.

Participants in her MWBE programs come away ready to deliver a seven second value proposition and a 15 second capability statement to either supplier diversity professionals or to procurement personnel which saves time, trouble and frustration. This ensures a positive and productive interaction on both sides, and expanded minority, women and veteran spend.

Programs for corporations and Councils can be custom built or provided to fit and existing event. Services include:

  • Training seminars
  • Keynotes
  • Panel Moderation
  • Facilitated Networking Events
  • One on One Supplier Coaching

The Hub Factor offers multiple solutions including:

MWBE Development Training MWBE Development Training

Course length: two hour, half day programs
Ideal for: Minority Women and Veteran entrepreneurs

Today’s suppliers need to be fully prepared to present their best business case when they have the opportunity. Whether they are talking to supplier diversity professionals or to procurement, minority-, women and veteran-owned businesses need to be able to quickly and succinctly express the value that they bring to the corporation’s bottom line. They should be able to get this information across in a matter of a few seconds so that the listener can assess whether there is a fit right away, and they can move to the next step in the procurement process.

The Hub Factor training provides suppliers with the skills and training to deliver their value proposition in seven seconds and their capability statement in fifteen seconds. Suppliers learn the methods of how to  put their best foot forward in a first impression: what to say, what not to say, what to bring and leave behind. They also learn about the multi-tier system and supplier diversity for the 21st Century. They will understand how to succeed as a small business in today’s supply chain, the essential challenges of partnering for success to move up the Tier system. They will learn how to network to build collaborative relationships, and how long it takes to get a contract with Fortune 500 corporations.

Using real-life stories and examples, Julia Hubbel provides the participants with secrets to success for working with the Fortune 500. As a certified supplier diversity professional, she understands what corporations want and expect from suppliers wanting to work with large corporations. As a successful WBE herself who regularly wins contracts with the Fortune 50, her selling process works. For the last seven years she has worked with many of the top corporations in America from Hewlett Packard and Toyota to Southern California Edison to Intuit.

Julia is a nationally-recognized motivational speaker and trainer and expert in networking and connecting skills. Her programs are high energy, engaging and content rich.  She combines her seminars with several hours of one on one coaching at her programs for corporations and councils so that suppliers get the maximum benefit of her training.


Tier Two Training Tier Two Training

Course length: Keynotes, two hour, half day programs
Ideal for: Tier One and Tier Two corporations

Tier One companies often need to better understand the value of doing business with minority and women owned companies, and the essential importance of developing a supplier diversity program. Whether you are creating or rolling out a Tier Two reporting tool or encouraging your Tier One companies to expand their spend, it often makes sense to present a program to Tier One companies about how essential MWBE companies are not only to their overall success but also to the success of the American economy.

The Hub Factor’s Tier One Connecting Program addresses the changing American economic face and how minorities and women owned companies are growing. The program talks about how to connect with these organizations and the different connecting styles that are preferred as opposed to traditional transactional networking approaches. It also discusses ways to gain capability statements and clarifying business information.

There are several formats that may work; one approach is to bring minority and women owned companies to your facility for an informal matchmaker after this presentation. This increases the potential for business opportunities if you hold a trade show. Another is to work with your local NMSDC or WBENC Councils to bring in suppliers in your identified commodities. We can help design the flow of the event for you to maximize results for you and your suppliers.  

Once we have created interest and commitment, our partners work with Tier One corporations to develop their supplier diversity programs, and we help build their supplier relationship outreach efforts.