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Hub Factor Offerings (3 of 3)Hub Factor Offerings (3 of 3)

The Hub Factor offers multiple solutions including:


Making Panels Work: Panels Made PerfectMaking Panels Work: Panels Made Perfect

Course length: 45 minutes to two hours

Panels can either be the best or worst part of a conference. You've been to the kind where the program has been lively and entertaining, full of value and takeaways. Or. The other kind, where you've wanted to sleep or slip away because the moderator was ill prepared or the panelists were boring or couldn't stay on topic. What's the difference?

The keys are preparation and a great moderator. Julia Hubbel is known for her panel moderation skills. She prepares her panelists well in advance so that they are well-informed about the program, each other and the expectations of the conference audience. She provides the audience with surprising and interesting facts which allow them to better understand the panelists' backgrounds and appreciate them as speakers. And she ensures that her speakers not only stay on topic, but also on time.

If you want your panel to not only wow your audience but also enjoy the experience as well as each other, you'll want Julia Hubbel to provide the professional moderating experience that makes all the difference.

To provide the best possible program, you're requested to allow at least two months' notice to do the appropriate research and preparation.


Making Sales WorkMaking Sales Work

Course length: Half day or Full day
Ideal for: Fortune 500 Sales forces, entrepreneurs

This seminar is not about old-fashioned sales techniques. We live in a world where people can get your products from many vendors. This is about making them want it from YOU.

In today’s fast-moving business climate, you have to be far more sophisticated about how you spend your time. In sales, you have to be building your networks of leads, and people who are referring leads to you. How well have you developed your pipelines? Are you working too hard for every sale you make? If so, you need to come to this seminar.

You’ll learn how to make it a pleasure for people to work with you. You will learn how to create networks of people who keep you top of mind, referring business to you on a regular basis- even when you’re not around.

What you will learn:

  • Don’t sell, Solve problems!
  • Build your referral hub
  • You’ve got seven seconds to make a first impression: how to do it
  • Developing your Value Proposition: say it in 3-11 words!
  • Earning the right to sale- and the relationship
  • Your charisma: how to develop it and use it
  • Create an aura of personal power: making people want to do business with you
  • Great interview questions to develop the relationship
  • Secrets to exploding your business that you’d never guess
  • Make a lasting impression with everyone you meet: guaranteed!

How you will benefit:

  • You will learn how to keep clients happy and referring to you
  • You will stop working so hard
  • You will stop cold calling for good!

Presenting to Corporations: Developing the Value Proposition for SuppliersPresenting to Corporations: Developing the Value Proposition for Suppliers

Course length: Two hours to half day
Ideal for: Minority, Women, Veteran, Small business

For your corporate matchmaker, open house, WBENC or NMSDC Council event, this seminar can help expand your minority, women and veteran spend by helping suppliers clarify their value proposition and business capability statements.

Suppliers in today’s world have to get across the value of what they offer to a major corporation or federal agency in an efficient, effective way to supplier diversity and procurement professionals. There isn’t time to go into detail, and it’s important to be able to quickly express how one’s company can help the corporation or agency make money, save money, streamline operations or otherwise solve important business challenges. This seminar teaches suppliers how to get across their value proposition in seven seconds or less, and their capability statement in fifteen to twenty seconds, and focusing in on the organization’s needs. It saves time and money by ensuring the supplier only highlights the service or product that is germane to the organization.

Julia can moderate a panel of Tier One suppliers to discuss how they got the business with your corporation, or develop a panel of corporate supplier diversity professionals to discuss how to get business. She also offers one on one coaching for suppliers seeking additional support.

Coaching to Performance StandardsCoaching to Performance Standards

Course length: Half day
Ideal for: Business executives, entrepreneurs

Whether we’re a corporate manager or have a small company with one or two employees, we sometimes find ourselves having tough conversations with our people. How good are you at communicating the difficult information? Do you put it off to another time? Do you avoid it, hoping it will go away? Or do you water it down, lessening the impact because you’re uncomfortable with the potential reaction? In all of these cases, we rob the other person of the value of the information they deserve: our honesty, the real feedback, things they need to hear in order to grow and become better at their jobs, and better people. We rob ourselves of the chance to grow as well.

What you will learn:

  • Communicating styles
  • Communicating styles under stress
  • How to:
    • have challenging conversations
    • talk about difficult topics (performance)
    • keep people whole
    • come straight at the issue
    • get straight to the point
    • handle silence
    • provide appreciation and praise

How you will benefit:

  • You will handle difficult coaching situations with confidence and aplomb
  • You will keep people (and yourself) whole during the coaching process
  • You will have happier, more productive employees

Leader Empathy: Collaborative Leadership for the 21st Century©Leader Empathy: Collaborative Leadership for the 21st Century©

Course length: Half day to Full day
Ideal for: Leaders and Managers

How skilled are your leaders at getting the best out of their teams?

How good are they at developing trust? Creating collaborative relationships? Establishing trust? How fair are they?

Today's leaders have to manage cross culturally, develop relationships across race and gender, and help teams find ways to collaborate across their differences and perform in times of high stress and demand. How are your leaders doing?

The old Command and Control style of leadership doesn't work with today's work force. From Boomers to Millennials, they expect respect and regard, and to be heard. They want leaders to listen to them and their ideas.

LeaderEmpathy is a program designed to develop your leaders' empathy skills: their ability to understand and connect with their employees, peers and bosses and thereby invite the best performance from them. This half day to full day program develops natural charisma, personal power and influence in leaders at all levels.

In this program they will learn how to:

  • Develop empathy skills
  • Develop collaboration and cooperation
  • Develop trust
  • Connect across race and gender
  • Reduce employee turnover
  • Increase appreciation and understanding
  • Tap into their charisma
  • Come away with new relationships, new understanding of personal power and influence