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Hub Factor Offerings (2 of 3)Hub Factor Offerings (2 of 3)

The Hub Factor offers multiple solutions including:


Making Supplier Diversity Relationships WorkMaking Supplier Diversity Relationships Work

Course length: 60 minutes to two hours
Keynotes: 60 minutes
One on ones: 15 minutes each up to two hours
Ideal for: Fortune 500 supplier diversity programs, minority entrepreneurs

The Hub Factor helps diverse suppliers get more contracts with corporations and government agencies by helping them develop their value propositions, learn how to network more effectively and create collaborative relationships with their clients.

Many suppliers lack the relationship skills that would help them create opportunities when they attend trade shows or open houses. They often show up as too shy or too eager, ill-prepared or unwilling to be a second tier provider. As a result, many deals aren’t made, and opportunities are lost. For Fortune 500 clients such as Lockheed Martin, Hewlett Packard, Bank of America and NMSDC regional councils, Julia Hubbel provides networking seminars, lunch and dinner keynotes and one on one coaching to suppliers.

What the suppliers learn:

  • Networking for the 21st Century
  • Racial and gender differences in networking
  • How to approach corporate buyers
  • Earning the right to the corporate relationship
  • Doing your homework, know the customer
  • Developing the Value Proposition in 3-11 words
  • Presenting your business case: What you are BEST at?
  • How to treat your supplier diversity professional
  • Interview questions for developing relationships
  • Charisma: how to tap it and use it
  • Social Capital- how to develop it and use it
  • Reciprocity Circles: Developing a Pay it Forward, service attitude

What the corporations gain:

  • Suppliers who have a crisp value proposition ready to present
  • Suppliers who are respectful of the corporate viewpoint
  • Suppliers who better understand how to earn the right to do the business first

Making Inclusion Work: Diversity Networking for the 21st CenturyMaking Inclusion Work: Diversity Networking for the 21st Century

Course length: Full day or Half day
Ideal for: Fortune 500 Affinity/Network Groups

Are you among the majority of people for whom networking is uncomfortable? According to a New York times study, about 75% of us are nervous about walking into a room full of strangers- even more so that speaking in front of a room full of people! Yet you know the importance of this skill to your career, your company, your social life.

The reason most people are ill at ease with networking is that it's based on the old style of networking which is sales-based. The 21 st Century is the Century of the Network- but it's built on collaborative networks made of trust, give and take, and mutual regard. Networks begin with the power of your authentic voice.

This is especially true for women and people of color, who are entering the work force in great numbers. Women and people of color do not network the same way as white males, who remain in the majority where the power is held in business. What are the differences? What are the advantages of either style? Who should adapt to whom, when and why? What about globally? Within the corporate arena, women and people of color must network with each other as well as whites to build alliances and create opportunities for themselves and for those who come behind them. Emulating white male styles isn't necessarily appropriate. How can you better manage your career to get ahead?

What you will learn:

  • How to get past business cards to profound conversations
  • Networking for a diverse workforce
  • Racial and gender differences in connecting
  • Stess impacts on gender in networking
  • Developing your voice: silence is invisibility
  • Develping your spheres of influence
  • Your value proposition
  • Great interview questions to build connections
  • Charisma and natural "gracias"
  • Social Capital and how to "tithe" it to build internal networks of power and support
  • Reciprocity Circles: developing a pay it forward, service first attitude

How you will benefit:

  • You will learn how to build your influence and visibility
  • You will be able to develop networks of support
  • You will develop your charisma and leadership skills