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Making Relationships Work: Hub Factor TrainingMaking Relationships Work: Hub Factor Training

Course length: Keynotes, one hour, two hour, half day and full day programs
Ideal for: Business executives, employees, entrepreneurs

Do you possess the skills to connect people, opportunities and clients in a way that creates benefit for all players? Are you a Hub?
Today, it’s not enough just to know your business or your job. You have to know people, and how to connect them.

What you will learn:

  • Ask the three most effective questions to build the relationship
  • Get past superficial business card conversations to profound conversations
  • Tap into your natural charisma and develop influence and personal power
  • Be instantly memorable to everyone you meet
  • Develop powerful spheres of influence
  • Navigate racial and gender differences in networking
  • Tithe your social capital and build collaborative networks
  • Explode your business or your career by making your clients or your employees and bosses successful

How you will benefit:

  • You will learn how develop a network of mutually collaborative relationships
  • You will be able to tap your natural charisma and personal power
  • You will transform your existing and new relationships


William Bridges Managing Organizational TransitionWilliam Bridges Managing Organizational Transition

Course length: Full day or Half day
Ideal for: Business executives, entrepreneurs

Julia Hubbel is a certified trainer in William Bridges’ Managing Organizational Transition: Helping Your Employees Successfully Navigate Change

Today's business challenges require organizations to be prepared for the effects of change. If not managed correctly, even change derived from the best of intentions can have an adverse effect on an organization. The assumption that individuals will automatically learn to adjust to change is false. Experience suggests that, if not properly implemented, change has the potential to leave people feeling resentful, unmotivated, and confused at a time when commitment to the organization is crucial. In this program offered in exclusive partnership with William Bridges & Associates, learn how to facilitate your employees successfully through the challenges of transition, whether in the context of a merger, downsizing, or other organizational change. And walk away with the skills necessary to guide your employees smoothly through the change process.

Who Should Attend

Managers who are responsible for implementing and facilitating change within their organization and wish to gain the skills necessary for leading their team through a successful transition process.

What You Will Learn:

  • How to ensure that an adequate change management plan is in place
  • How to determine where people are in the transition process
  • How to develop steps for helping people let go of the old way of doing things, and make clear endings
  • How to guide people through the neutral zone, and to utilize the in-between state creatively
  • How to launch a new beginning with people embracing the new way of doing and being

How You Will Benefit:

  • Understand the critical difference between managing change and facilitating transition
  • Assess the effectiveness of a current change plan
  • Create and implement effective strategies to facilitate
    • The endings
    • The neutral zone
    • The beginnings


William Bridges Managing Individual TransitionWilliam Bridges Managing Individual Transition

Course length: Full day or Half day
Ideal for: Employees / Individuals

Julia Hubbel is a certified trainer in William Bridges’ Individual Transitions in Organizations

With Individual Transition in Organizations, provide guidance to your employees whose roles, careers and lives are being impacted by transition as a result of change. Help your employees understand, manage and regain control of their personal transition when their lives are being affected by an unsolicited change such as a merger, an acquisition or a downsizing to name just a few. By delivering this unique program to your employees, you help them successfully navigate themselves through change with less disruption and distress to their professional and personal lives.

Who Should Attend

Employees/Individuals within your organization who are experiencing change as a result of professional or personal transition

What You Will Learn:

  • How to differentiate change and transition
  • How to develop an action plan for managing the transition more successfully
  • Cope more effectively with the impact of incessant change
  • Manage endings and work through losses more successfully
  • Re-think their work lives to become less vulnerable to workplace changes


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